About Our Conference

The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of AIESEC Hong Kong. To celebrate this significant moment in our history, AIESEC Alumni Association of Hong Kong is proud to present the AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference 2017 under the theme ChanceForming Asia.

What is ChanceForming Asia?
Using technologies to spur innovation and enable more fulfilling and quality lives is a growing opportunity in nearly all sectors of the world economy. From leaders of large conglomerates to start-up entrepreneurs, we are all looking for ways to transform businesses by leveraging technology from front to back in order to create tangible value to customers. As an international hub and major economic engine of Southern China, Hong Kong is definitely playing a significant role in fostering the evolvement of a new business ecosystem in Asia.

At the conference, we will showcase the advantages of Hong Kong on how to transform from traditional business to new wave of globalization by addressing below topics:

  • Stay ahead of the latest technology, creative innovations and digital trends from local to global perspectives
  • Recognize and inspire from the successful transformation (and also learn from the failure) of business models
  • Engage in dialogue with whom brings new “Chances” to Asia

About the organiser AAAHK
Established in 2009, AIESEC Alumni Association of Hong Kong (AAAHK) aims at promoting interactions between AIESEC alumni in Hong Kong of all ages and backgrounds. We are committed to keeping our members informed, involved and invested within the AIESEC community. By offering a platform, events and benefits to our members, we wish to enable AIESEC alumni to maintain sustainable bonds with AIESEC, enrich their personal experiences and bring value-added impacts to the society.

Conference Organizing Team

What is AIESEC?
AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. Since 1948, we have been activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilities a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships.